Send the user's decisions about data collection

Those who refuse Replay data collection

Section titled Those who refuse Replay data collection

In order to have a cookie attesting that the user completely refuse data collection (no pageviews, no transactions will be sent), you need to execute the following code:

<script type="text/javascript">
window._uxa = window._uxa || [];

We do recommend for you to add this to your privacy policy page:

Contentsquare is a solution which provide the website owner with digital visitor behavior analytics in order to enhance visitor experience.
To be excluded from the collection of data by Contentsquare on this website, <a href="javascript:window._uxa.push(['optout']);">click here</a>.

On the current domain, this command will add a _cs_optout cookie and remove all the others Contentsquare cookies already there.

Command by URL — If the opt-out mechanism is handled by a third-party tool such as Evidon, you can use a link to the targeted domain including _cs_optout in the query parameters or in the anchor. On the page, the tag will execute the same code as above to exclude the user from tracking and add the opt-out cookie.