Product Analytics

As of June 2024, Contentsquare users can take advantage of Product Analytics capabilities.

Product Analytics (PA) captures and visualizes user interactions across web, mobile, and other platforms, providing insights into user behavior and engagement. This data helps identify user preferences, pain points, and behavior patterns, allowing for the improvement and optimization of the digital experience.

For more information on Product Analytics, see this article.

Requirements and impacts on the Tag

Section titled Requirements and impacts on the Tag

Masking or encrypted elements defined for CS tag not to capture Personal Data as part of the Session Replay feature will also be enforced by the PA tag to avoid capturing Personal Data in PA systems.
See Personal Data Handling

If your project has IP-less mode enabled, IP processing will be disabled on the PA Tag.

Data deletion option can be performed in both CS and PA upon request.

If you enforce a Content Security Policy, make sure the configuration includes:

script-src 'unsafe-inline' 'unsafe-eval';
script-src 'unsafe-inline' *;

When Product Analytics is enabled, the CS tag loads the PA project configuration from<ENV_ID>/heap_config.js which loads the PA tag heap.js.

The PA tag then captures the required data in synchronization with the CS Tag.

The Tag will create additional cookies, prefixed with _hp*.