The Contentsquare Flutter Bridge and SDKs are compliant with the Play Store and App Store Privacy guidelines as well as with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Refer to our Privacy Center and Privacy Policy for further information.

While Contentsquare only collects usage data on your app, we will treat every new user as opted-out by default. To start tracking, the Opt-in API must be called.

Use the Opt-in API to get user consent. Calling this API will generate a user ID and initiate tracking.

await Contentsquare().optIn();

Permanently breaking the link and stopping all data collection.

When this API is called, tracking stops immediately, all settings are reset (session number, page number, user ID…) and all files related to Contentsquare tracking are deleted. Contentsquare will never track and collect any data from the user’s phone unless the Opt-in API is called again.

await Contentsquare().optOut();
await Contentsquare().forgetMe();

We allow the client to provide to their users their Contentsquare user ID.

This ID is a non binding identifier which can be used to make a data request to Contentsquare. You are able to get an ID only if the user has not Opted-out.

final userId = await Contentsquare().getUserId();

Although we do not gather any humanly readable text from the user’s screens, we understand that there may be some areas that you want to completely exclude from tracking. For this reason, we also support stopping and resuming the complete tracking mechanism.

Tracking will automatically resume if the app is killed and restarted.

await Contentsquare().stopTracking();
await Contentsquare().resumeTracking();