Update an integration schema

If the Provider wants to update the schema of an integration, it can be done thanks to the integrationVersion key. By incrementing the version, the provider can decide to add, delete or edit keys of the data schema while protecting enrichment flows that may prevail based on a previous schema.

Enrichments batches should specify the integrationVersion so that the data is compared to the right schema.

In a scenario where a Provider wants to update its integration to add new enrichment fields, the provider can:

  • Send to Contentsquare a new integration version to be registered
  • While Contentsquare is reviewing and registering the new schema, enrichments can still be sent on the previous schema
  • When the new schema is registered eventually, the Provider can switch to the new schema for all new enrichment by the specifying the right version in the enrichment batches
  • Potentially some customers could still decide to rely on the previous schema if needed (then the Provider would need to keep a mapping of which customer relies on which version)