A provider is the entity (usually a technology partner) that will enrich the data.

A provider is identified by a unique providerId by Contentsquare.

A provider will create integrations in order to be able to send data to Contentsquare.

An integration is created by a provider to declare what data will be sent to Contentsquare. It is represented by a data schema provided by the provider, in the form of a JSON object.

When data will be sent to Contentsquare, a specific integration will be authenticated and Contentsquare will check that enrichments abide by the schema of the integration.

An integration is identified by a unique integrationId by Contentsquare.

An integration can have multiple integration versions.

An integration can have multiple schema versions, to allow for updating and versioning an integration while avoiding to break enrichments flows relying on a previous schema.

See the dedicated section to see how to manage an integration schema update.

An enrichment is a data instance that matches an integration schema. It is the data sent by the provider to enrich Contentsquare sessions.

If an enrichment does not meet the specified integration version schema, it will be rejected.

As several enrichments can be sent to enrich the same Contentsquare session, each enrichment for a specific session is indexed with an enrichment number.

Each new enrichment for a specific session is indexed to be differentiated from the previous enrichments received for the same session.

Currently, no more than 3 enrichments can be sent per session, so enrichments will be indexed with a number from 1 to 3 included. The enrichment number should be specified by the provided but if not, it will be considered as being 1 by default.

The enrichment number can be used to update an existing enrichment: if for a session, an enrichment is pushed with the same index as a existing enrichment, it will get updated with the last enrichment received.

See the dedicated section to see how to manage an enrichment update.

An enrichment field is a specific key in an enrichments data object.

An enrichment batch is a collection of enrichments, in the form of an array of JSON objects. Enrichments are sent in batch to the Enrichment API endpoint. Of course, nothing prevents the provider from sending a batch of one enrichment only.

For security purposes, if an enrichment gets rejected, the full batch will be rejected.

A session is a visit of a user on a website or mobile app. The purpose of the Enrichment API is to enrich Contentsquare sessions data.