Update an enrichment

If the Provider wants to update a specific enrichment, it can be done thanks to the enrichmentNumber key.

While incrementing this key represents a whole new “event” for the target session, sending an enrichment with an enrichment number already used for that session will overwrite the enrichment that was sent previously with the same enrichment number.

This is useful to update the data that was sent previously based on some new information the Provider processed for the same event.

In a scenario where the Provider is a company that tracks phone calls, it might happen that some data related to the call gets processed after the original enrichment for this call was sent (e.g. a conversion occurred following the call but was not materialized yet the first time the call data was sent to Contentsquare).

In such a case, as it’s still related to the same phone call, the Provider can update the enrichment later instead of sending a whole new enrichment.