Track transactions

To associate a user’s session with their potential purchases (and corresponding revenue), you must send the transaction via a dedicated API. For each transaction, we send:

  • Transaction ID
  • Revenue
  • Currency
window._uxa = window._uxa || [];
id: "123" /* Transaction ID (string, up to 40 chararacters) */,
"9.99" /* Transaction's total cost (integer or string, up to 12 digits and 2 decimals - extra decimals are truncated) */,
"usd" /* Currency value (string less than 10 characters or numeric/alphanumeric ISO 4217 value) */,

The currency is conforming to the ISO 4217 standard.
The currency must be passed as an “alphanumeric code”.

If the currency doesn’t match the supported currencies, the SDK sends a currency value of -1.
It will be processed as the default currency of the project.