Our mobile SDK considers every new user to be opted-out by default.

You are responsible for creating the UI asking users for their consent and allowing them to manage their privacy settings and then calling the appropriate Contentsquare following methods (optin or opt-out).

If you think securing user consent is not required for your app, discuss it during the implementation process with your main Contentsquare contact.

Use the Opt-in API to get user consent. Calling this API generates a user ID and initiates tracking.

window._uxa = window._uxa || [];

Permanently breaking the link and stopping all data collection.

When this API is called, tracking stops immediately, all settings are reset (Session number, Page number…) and all files and directories regarding Contentsquare are deleted. This means that the user ID is deleted. The SDK will never track or collect any data from the user’s phone unless the Opt-in API is called again.

window._uxa = window._uxa || [];