Impact on performances

We always strive to be non-intrusive, and transparent to the developers of the client app. We apply this rule on the performance as well. These are the technical specifics we can share on performance, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us.

The following performances results were obtained under the following conditions:

Device modeliPhone 11 Pro
iOS version16.5
Test App built using Xcode version15.3
Test App built with Swift version5.8

We conducted the tests using a default Master-Detail app built using AdHoc distribution with no app thinning and with Swift symbols stripped. In the app, the SDK was making calls to the Public APIs, running and collecting data in its default state.

SDK size (installed size, no Bitcode)5.2Mb
Max RAM usage<2Mb
Max SDK CPU peak on event<3%
Data transmitted over network for a default batch size of 50 events
The size of the batch can be customized if needed