SwiftContentsquarePlugin was registered twice

Section titled SwiftContentsquarePlugin was registered twice

There is a known issue with the background_locator plugin which causes Contentsquare plugin to be registered twice. This issue has been mitigated and you can ignore this warning.

If you are not using the background_locator plugin and encounter this warning, contact us.

In order for Contentsquare to work, you need to make sure the following endpoints are not blocked by your network (VPN):

Config filehttps://mobile-production.content-square.netSee Configuration
Analytics data (EU)https://m.csqtrk.netSee Sending data
Analytics data (US)https://m-aus1.contentsquare.netSee Sending data
Session Replay data (EU)https://ka-aeu1.contentsquare.netSee Session Replay requests
Session Replay data (US)https://ka-aus1.contentsquare.netSee Session Replay requests
Snapshot (EU)https://s.contentsquare.netSee Snapshot capture
Snapshot (US)https://s-aus1.contentsquare.netSee Snapshot capture