Track dynamic variables

Dynamic variables are additional information on the session that can be used to segment sessions.

For example, they can include information on the A/B Test variations displayed to the current user.

  • It is possible to save up to 40 distinct dynamic variable keys per screenview. If more are received, only the first 40 keys will be kept.
  • If you are using the same key twice on the same screenview, the last value associated with the key will be collected.
  • Every dynamic variable is composed of a pair of key (max. 50 characters) and value (max. 255 characters string or number of type Long between 0 and 232 - 1). In case these maximums length are reached, the SDK will automatically trim the exceeding characters.
  • If key or value are empty, the SDK will instead send the literal string “cs-empty”.

To define and send a dynamic variable, directly use the key and String/Long value once a first screenview has been triggered:

window.cs_wvt = window.cs_wvt || [];
window.cs_wvt.push(['trackDynamicVariable', { key: 'my-string-dvar', value: 'my-awesome-string-value' }]);
// key is a string
// value is either a string or an integer

Type of the value — The value can be either a whole number or a string. For each case, available features won’t be the same in the Contentsquare app:

  • For whole numbers, you will be able to do some algebra. Example: sessions with dynamic variable key = “numberOfFriends” and value >= 10_
  • For strings, auto-completion and Regular Expression will be available. Example: sessions with dynamic variable key = “accountType” and value = “Premium”