Enumerations used in the request or response payloads.

  • -1: All devices
  • 0: Unknown
  • 1: Desktop
  • 2: Mobile (Web)
  • 3: Tablet (Web)
  • 4: Mobile (App)
  • 5: Tablet (App)

Beginning of date range for analysis.

  • CSV: CSV (with first row as headers)
  • JSONL: JSON Lines format, a file format with one line per row of data, each line being a JSON object
  • daily: daily job
  • hourly: hourly job
  • once: one-time job
  • sessions: to extract session-level data
  • views: to extract pageview-level data
  • ACTIVE: active jobs (as opposed to SUSPENDED for daily jobs).An active job will execute job runs. A one-time “once” job in ACTIVE status is a job queued waiting for execution.
  • COMPLETED: for completed one-time (“once”) jobs (not relevant for daily jobs)
  • COMPUTING: for running one-time (“once”) jobs
  • DELETED: for deleted jobs
  • SUSPENDED: for deactivated daily jobs (as opposed to ACTIVE); only relevant for daily jobs. A suspended job will not execute job runs.
  • CREATED: for job runs created and not yet RUNNABLE
  • FAILURE: for job runs terminated with an error
  • RUNNABLE: for job runs ready-to-execute
  • RUNNING: for deleted jobs
  • SUCCESS: for job runs completed with success