Removing Contentsquare implementation

We are sorry to see you go.
Find below the list of steps to remove Contentsquare from your app.

Should anything be left behind after the removal process, be assured that your site data will not be collected anymore and your app’s performance won’t be impacted. We automatically stop data collection for all former clients, meaning that the code in our scripts doesn’t get executed if your app still requests it.

List of elements to be removed

Section titled List of elements to be removed
  • Remove API calls to the Contentsquare SDK from your code
  • Remove any configuration information:
  • For Contentsquare Find & Fix customers only:
    • For Android, remove Gradle plugins,
    • For iOS, Remove dSYM upload script,
    • Remove Fastlane plugin
  • Remove Contentsquare dependencies:
    • For iOS, Cocoapods/Carthage/SPM/manual
    • For Android Gradle
  • Remove integrations.